Introducing the Bundary Lyer Ntwork

Real-time Pofiles of the Amosphere’s Mst Trbulent Layer

Real-time&Continuous Observations

Temperature, humidity and liquid profiles of the boundary layer and above are update frequency over existing radisonde network, which typically release balloons just twice a day, improves model accuracy and operational decision-making.

Data for Improved Local Forecasts & Decision-Making
Initial Deployment in California, Spring 2012
100 Radiometers Across the U.S. in the Next 3 Years

Earlier Warning of High-impact, Local Weather
Improved information about the instability of the atmosphere enables advances notification of convective initiation that leads to severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. The BLN is a critical tool in battle to increase the speed and accuracy of severe weather warnings.

Better Forecasts, Better Decisions
Continuous observations of the boundary layer from fixed locations feed mesocale models hungry for real-time, localized data. The result is improved forecasts and better decision-making across numerous industries including utilities, wind, solar, aviation, air quality and water management.