The Weather Display LED is a modern data-processing measuring and display device for the display of to four measured values. Depending on the version it is also used for serial and analog output of the measured data to further processing systems.
The device operates in conjunction with a weather station (e.g. data logger), which supplies a serial data protocol. Optionally the Weather Display LED also acquires analog data (see Device versions) from direct-connection sensors with analog outputs.

Equipment with device 9.2750.0x.900:
•1 x real-time clock
•1 x RS422 interface
Additional equipment with 9.2750.xx.901:
•4 analog inputs (current / voltage / Pt100)
•2 analog outputs (current or voltage)
Additional equipment with 9.2750.1x.901:
•4 analog inputs
•2 analog outputs (current or voltage)
•Built-in pressure sensor (air pressure)
Functions with device 9.2750.0x.900:
•Measured values received via:
- serial interface RS 422
- real-time clock
•Measured values output via:
- serial interface RS 422
•Calculation of:
- Instantaneous values
- sliding extreme values
- sliding mean values
- sums
•Customer-specific formatting of weather parameters
•Customer-specific formatting of display seq