The Datalogger DL16 is a complete measuring system for automatic acquisition and storing of meteorological and environmental measuring data.
In doing so, the DL 16 is characterized by its high flexibility. Due to its internal structure it is possible to interlink any measuring values, to average individually, and to store in different intervals.
The acquisition and processing of all signals is conform to WMO recommendations and IEC 61400-12-1.
The six serial interfaces can be used as data- and serviceinterface, as well as for connecting sensors. An RS485 bus-operation, e.g. with ULTRASONIC 2D, and THIES FIRST CLASS wind transmitters, is supported . Also the connection of external devices is possible. For simple protocols, existing interpreters can be used, or a specific driver will be integrated in the firmware. An integrated WEB server, TFTP, Telnet, SMTP (sending e-mail) und NTP (time synchronization via Ethernet) round off the software functions.