AADI water level sensors may be used for monitoring tide and the water level in ports,coastal and inland waters, rivers and boreholes.

This series of water level or tide monitoring sensor measures the hydrostatic pressure caused by the head of water above them.

The influence of barometric pressure on the sensors is compensated for by applying air pressure to one side of the transducer through an air pipe and compensating unit.

The sensors contain, in addition to the sensing element, a temperature compensating and a range reducing network.

Other available water level sensors:
Versions marked with A may be delivered as an averaging version.
This will minimize the influence of ripples or waves on the measurements.
Water level sensor 3791/A - Temperature range: -2 to +40 degrees Celsius. Depth range 0-10m.
Water level sensor 3796/A - Temperature range: -2 to +40 degrees Celsius. Depth range 0-5m.