Dr. Amos Makarau expects more China-Africa cooperation

Attending the 41st China Study Tour, Dr. Amos Makarau, Vice President of RA I and PR of Zimbabwe with WMO, said to the reporter of China Meteorological News Press that he looked forward to more cooperation between China and Africa in meteorology field.

“I am impressed by the fast development of China Meteorological Administration (CMA) and its central role in Chinese government operations,” said Dr. Amos. And he also impressed by the way of China meteorology developed and thought that should be learned from by the African countries. 

Deeming CMA as an all-weather friend of RA I, Amos expressed gratitude to China for its extending support and sharing expertise with African countries through ways of holding activities of China Study Tour, providing scholarships, and all kinds of training.

Amos happily learnt that CMA was planning to strengthen the cooperation with RA I and as one of the first outcomes on-going Workshop on Human Resources Development for NMHSs in Developing Countries in China would enhance the management levels of Africa countries.

Looking into the future, to enhance the infrastructure and capabilities building of African countries, Amos expected CMA to strengthen cooperation, including signing cooperative agreements with African countries, sending experts with attached tasks, and helping making strategies on weather and climate to mitigate the increasing severe events.

He said Chinese meteorological instruments were very competitive for their high quality and lower prices and hoped to buy more from China. (May 9)
Editor Zhang Yong  

 Source:China Meteorological News Press