The station council will intensify irrigation and water conservancy investment to RMB 4 trillion until 2020

The eleven session of the National People's Congress Standing Committee twenty-sixth meeting on April 25th in Beijing was held its second plenary meeting at the Great Hall of the people. Minister of water resources Chen Lei entrusted by the State Council and give the report of farmland water conservancy construction work.
Chen Lei said, in recent years, the central adhere to act the construction of water conservancy works as the important foundation of the steady development of agriculture and the security of national food. It also constantly improves the police support system, increase the working strength and promote irrigation and water conservancy to a new stage of development. Irrigation and water conservancy plays a crucial role in solving the meal problem of accounted for 21% of the world population in the condition of owning accounted for 6% of the world's freshwater resources and 9% of the arable land. The State Council will further intensify water conservancy investment and ensure the whole input in social irrigation works to achieve RMB 4 trillion until 2020.