The study from American found that wind farm may result in warming for the surrounding area

The New York state university researchers published the report in April 29, they completed research showed that large wind farms may result in warming for the surrounding area.

Analyzed the satellite data of the surrounding of the large wind farm in Texas, researchers found that the temperature in the surrounding of wind farm have raised at most 0.72℃ each 10 years when compared with the areas not neighboring wind farm. Between 2003 and 2011, the world's largest wind farm has four distributions in Texas.

"We attributable the main reason to wind farm," the researchers said, it may be caused by the consumption of energy and the airflow movement is the result of the wind turbines, "These changes might consult notable influence on the weather or climate in local or region,

Related research report published in Britain "nature • climate change" magazine on April 29. The researchers warn that the confirm conclusion of the relationship between wind farm and the climate in the surrounding areas need longer research in different places.